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Talking Tuesday

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

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When do you and your spouse/family typically decorate for Christmas?

I’ll get us started …

Steve and I love Christmas, and we’re not shy about admitting it! For us, the sooner we can decorate, the better. So, typically, we get out all of our indoor decorations and outdoor lights, and put those up the weekend after Halloween. We get a live tree; so unfortunately, we have to

be more patient with getting that up and decorated. Most places don’t start selling them until after Thanksgiving, so we head out as soon as we get home from our Thanksgiving travels to get one. We have a fun tradition of picking out our tree, ordering pizza, and decorating with Christmas music blaring. Of course we cap it off with hot cider (for Steve) and hot cocoa (for me).

Some people think that decorating and getting Christmas festivities underway so quickly undermines Thanksgiving, but we don’t feel that way at all. If anything, it gets us in the perfect, thankful spirit for Thanksgiving. We thoroughly enjoy Thanksgiving and make the most of it, but we have the added bonus of also enjoying Christmas as long as possible too 🙂

Okay, it’s your turn!

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Festive Fun

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

By Ashley McIlwain

For anyone that knows my husband, Steve, and me, they know that we are somewhat obsessive over Christmas. We love everything about Christmas, and we just can’t celebrate the season enough! Twinkling lights, soft scarves and mittens, time with family, familiar Christmas melodies, gingerbread cookies, the birth of our Savior (not in that order) … what’s not to love?!

While controversial to some, we get a jump on celebrating Christmas by decorating as soon as Halloween is over. That’s right, this year, our home (minus our Christmas tree because we get a live one) got its festive facelift on the first weekend of November. Before you roll your eyes, throw your hands up in protest, or point a finger, hear me out.

We don’t ignore or overlook Thanksgiving. In fact, we feel like Thanksgiving is the perfect prelude to Christmas, and we love taking time to gather round the overstuffed table giving thanks for God’s goodness in our lives. But here’s the thing, how can you say it’s wrong to want to relish the one time a year that everyone seems just a bit friendlier … that joy is a frequent visitor of … that celebrates purpose, hope, and the ultimate gift in Jesus Christ … that brings people together?

For us, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and we just can’t contain our excitement and love for it … so we don’t. And we don’t apologize for it. This year, we decided to tackle a few festive and fun activities together. First, we finally made a gingerbread house together. This has been an item on Steve’s Christmas to do list since I met him, so this year we made it a priority and a reality. We gathered up a bunch of candy and went to town on our beautiful, brown cottage of sugar and spice. It was fun to work as a team, and yet, we both left our distinctive marks.

The second activity we took on was hand-painting a nativity set that my sister bought us a couple years ago. We (mainly me) underestimated how involved and time-consuming this project was, but we really had a blast. My husband was such a good sport about it, and I loved seeing his finished products. At the end of it all, we were left with what we like lovingly refer to as “Our Family Heirloom” since we spent so much time on it. This is one of those things that will be forced on generations to come.

We laughed, concentrated, and sipped on hot cider while making precious memories together that will truly last a lifetime.

Have any of you done any festive and fun activities so far? Do you have any planned? Do tell 🙂