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Talking Tuesday

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

TalkingTuesdayShare your thoughts, feelings, and stories as well as respond to others regarding these questions:

What are your favorite flowers, and why? Husbands, do you know what your wife’s favorite flowers are? Wives, does your husband know what your favorite flowers are?

I’ll get us started …

It’s tough to go wrong on flowers because they are all just so beautiful! I love how they just naturally make every day feel bright and cheery when they are around. That’s why I try to keep a vase of them in our place whenever I can. My absolute favorite flower though is a purple tulip. There’s something about their simplicity that I just love. Then as they open up, you see that they are hiding even more beauty inside those delicate pedals. There’s just something about them in my favorite shade that overwhelms my senses with their elegant beauty. And yes, my husband knows they are my favorite flower, although it took him a few years of reminding before he got it. Now I’m fairly certain it’s seared into his mind J

Okay, it’s your turn!

Congratulations to last month’s winner … Shannon!!! We really do love hearing from all of you, so please continue to join our weekly discussions and to invite your friends to join us too!

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