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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What are some of your plans? Anyone have some cute ideas of how we can show our spouse or significant other our love?

I’ll get us started …

To be honest, Valentine’s Day has been on my radar, but I haven’t given it a ton of thought because of how busy things have been. That’s not a very good excuse, but I’ve really got to sit down and put some thought into what I’m going to do for my hubs. Usually we go out to dinner and/or make a special dinner at home, exchange some small gifts and cards, and just enjoy one another’s company. I typically make some kind of yummy dessert because I love baking. You all might want to try this recipe if you’re looking for something to bake this year.

The bottom line, I need to get on the ball this year. Feel free to share your suggestions, as I clearly need any help I can get … haha J

Okay, it’s your turn!

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4 Responses to “Talking Tuesday”

  • Meredith Says:

    We aren’t that crazy about Valentine’s Day. This will be our first as a married couple…so that makes this one a little more special. I don’t really ever expect any of the ‘cheesy’ usual Valentine’s Day ‘stuff’ from Scott. We are the same way Ashley…cute cards, maybe a little gift and a yummy dinner! This year we decided we will go to our favorite Rib joint! They have the ‘best’ in Baltimore! We’ll exchange cards…but most importantly we will just enjoy being together and going out ona week night!

    • Ashley McIlwain Says:

      Meredith, your first married Valentine’s Day is definitely extra special 🙂 That’s so fun that you’re going to your favorite rib joint; it sounds yummy! You’re so right; it’s all about being together 🙂 Have a blast celebrating your first married Valentine’s Day! Thanks for joining the conversation!

  • Vicki Says:

    We have been talking about Valentine’s day since the middle of Jan. and have thought over a few ideas. I do not like for him to buy me flowers on this day because he buys me roses/flowers about once a month and the floral shops just double their prices for this one day. We do not usually go out to eat because the restaurants are usually very crowded. One thing we for sure are doing is Friday the 15th we are going to a special Valentine’s event with a speaker. This is put on by a local ministry, Knitting Hearts Together. They are serving beverages and hors d’oeuvres. There is a speaker who will talk about building meaningful relationships, and resolving issues peacefully. We went to something similar quite a few years ago that was put on by our church and found it very enriching. We are looking forward to it.

    • Ashley McIlwain Says:

      Vicki, thanks for kicking off this week’s conversation! I love that you and your husband have been talking about Valentine’s Day for so long! That’s a good point that a lot of the usual outlets are overpriced and overcrowded, and I like how you have discovered this event that’s a bit more off the beaten path. Plus, you truly are doing something that is an investment in your marriage. Sounds like fun, and I hope you guys really enjoy yourselves!