Talking Tuesday


Share your thoughts, feelings, and stories as well as respond to others regarding these questions:

Form an acrostic of things you appreciate about your spouse, family, and/or life with the word “THANKFUL”? Feel free to explain your word choices.

I’ll get us started …

T – Trustworthy: How thankful I am that I can trust my husband enough to be vulnerable with dreams, fears, thoughts, ideas, and emotions that I otherwise wouldn’t share with someone.

H – Health: What a blessing it is to have our health. So many are fighting for their lives out there, and it’s easy to take our health for granted.

A – Awesome: I have an awesome family that I can share with, talk to, laugh with, cry with, and count on to pray, support, and encourage me no matter what.

N – Noble: This is a word that describes my husband well. I am so thankful for the godly man that he is!

K – Kindhearted: I feel like this describes my husband and my family so well! I honestly have never met a kinder, more thoughtful, generous, and loving bunch than my loved ones, and I so admire that about them!

F – Fun: My husband, Steve, and I have the best time together! Whether it’s grocery shopping, watching a movie, traveling, and everything in between, we have a blast together, and I love that!

U – Understanding: I appreciate that I can go to my husband, family, and friends and find understanding there. There’s something about knowing they are listening and care that makes the burdens of life that much lighter.

L – Love: To love and be loved is simply one of the greatest joys of life.

Okay, it’s your turn!

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Ashley McIlwain, MA, LMFTA is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate who received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University and her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with a Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy from Azusa Pacific University. Ashley is the Founder and CEO of Foundation Restoration, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which offers a wide range of resources committed to helping relationships thrive. Believing that marriage is the foundation of society, she passionately utilizes her non-profit, therapy, speaking engagements, and writing to prepare, nurture, salvage, and encourage healthy, strong marriages from a biblical perspective. Her past experience includes partnering with Moody Publishers and Dr. Gary Chapman as Managing Editor to launch and develop a website focused on premarital preparation. Her areas of focus include premarital, marital, and individual therapy working through life transitions, relational issues, personal growth, boundaries, restoration, depression, and anxiety. She is certified as a Prepare & Enrich Facilitator, SYMBIS Facilitator, and is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors as well as the AACC Marriage & Family Division and AAMFT. Ashley loves connecting with, helping, and encouraging people professionally and personally. Her heart is to support those hurting and help them to feel understood, cared for, and hopeful on their path to healing.

5 Responses to “Talking Tuesday”

  • Sheri Says:

    Tender – always shows concern or sympathy
    Honorable – full of virtue
    Altruistic – always puts others before himself
    Nurturing – always tries to bring out the best in others
    Keen – enthusiastic about life, love, friendship
    Unique – special and one of a kind
    Loyal – worthy friend for the past 18 years

    • Ashley McIlwain Says:

      Jessica, Lauren, Meredith, and Sheri, I love all of the words you chose and the reasons why! Really, really fun to see! Thank you all for taking the time to do this and to share … it is encouraging to see!

  • Meredith Says:

    T: Trust–I trust Scott completely and it’s an incredible feeling. Knowing he always there by my side.
    H: Humor–we love to laugh and we always find a way to make each other smile or burst into laughter. We are lucky to have families that love to laugh as well!
    A: Active–I love that we are both active. Working out throughout the week together, taking hikes, planning adventures on our trips that will involve the outdoors.
    N: Natural–I am so grateful that Scott and I compliment each other naturally and fit so well with one another’s family and friends.
    K; Kick start–we both kick each other in the rear when we need it! We act as true motivation and support for one another. It’s wonderful to know that when I am not feeling 100%, he’s there to pick up the slack and vice versa.
    F: Friends–we are the best of friends to one another. We have surrounded ourselves with other couples who are great friends–near and far. Truly grateful for our circle.
    U: Understanding–even when I don’t understand myself, Scott finds a way to make things crystal clear.
    L: Love–our love for one another continues to grow. ‘Faith, hope and love—but the greatest of these is love’!

  • Lauren Lawson Says:

    Truthful- I know even if I do not want to hear it my husband and close friends will be honest with me

    Heart- my husband,family, and friends have the biggest hearts!

    Allowed- I’m allowed to be myself with my husband. He loves me for me

    Non-judgmental- my hubby is always ready to see from all perspectives

    Kind- Love the kind people God has put in my life

    Faithful- my hubby is faithful in all his actions to me and our marriage. I’m so grateful for that.

    Understanding- my husband and close friends will take the time to understand my emotions

    Listen- What an amazing hubby I have that will listen to me no matter what I’m rambling about 🙂

  • Jessica Says:

    T- Time. I am thankful for the time I have with my family and close friends.
    H- Heart. I’m thankful for this word in two ways. First, I am thankful God has given me a heart to love others and cherish relationships. I am also thankful for my son’s “special heart” that made me appreciate the little things in life.
    A- Anniversaries! How wonderful we can celebrate relationships and special moments in our lives by acknowledging anniversaries.
    N- Nights of quiet time after the kids have gone to bed and my husband and I can connect and talk about our day.
    K- Kindness of others. When my family has experienced difficult times, we have been recipients of the kindness of our family, friends, church family and complete strangers. We also witness the kindness of others when we raise money for the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk each year. We are always overwhelmed with the giving hearts!
    F- Family of Four! I’m thankful for my little family of four. We are complete and full of love for one another. I cannot imagine life without them.
    U- Useful. I am thankful I can be useful in ways that benefit others.
    L- Love, it may seem like the obvious choice but I don’t know anyone who isn’t thankful for the ones they love and for the love they receive.